Military Training 1936


The war that began with the 1931 Manchuria crisis had a great influence on the School. Long hair, drinking, athletic meets, and memorial celebrations were all prohibited, and the Ryunankai was renamed the Ryunan Patriotic Corps. The course of study was reduced from three years to two and a half, and later to two. Students left their studies to help with the war effort, and eventually the school was left without students.

Military Training

Preparing students physically and mentally for military service became part of the curriculum. In 1925, a military officer was assigned to train all students, from the Middle School on up, in outdoor and other military activities. Part of the training was rifle practice.

Shooting practice -1932-

Last Day of Long Hair

During the war, the government disallowed students from having long hair, drinking alcohol, holding athletic meets, and conducting memorial celebrations or school festivals. In 1939, students decided themselves to cut their hair short. A photo shows students the day before cutting their hair short.

Last Day of Long Hair -1939-

Work Mobilization

In 1939, all students and faculty were taken in trucks to the military airfield in Kikuchi county to level and prepare the ground. Later, students were also put to work in manufacturing and agriculture. By 1944, most of the school year was spent helping the war effort, so almost no classes could be held.

Labor work -1939-

Workers at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’
Nagasaki Shipyard

Some students who went to Nagasaki city to aid victims after the atomic bomb attack became radiation victims themselves.

Labor work -1943-

Students Departing for the Warfront

In 1943, military deferment for students was abolished, and all students age 20 and above were conscripted into the military. By 1945, 230 students from the Fifth High School had joined the military. Photos: military training, shooting practice, last day of long hair, departing for the warfront

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