50 Anniversary ceremony

Important Dates

April 1887

Fifth Higher Middle School is assigned to be built in Kumamoto.

November 1887

First entrance ceremony.

September 1890

Akizuki Kazuhisa joins the faculty.

August 1891

Kano Jigoro becomes the third Principal.

November 1891

Lafcadio Hearn joins the faculty.

July 1892

First graduation ceremony.

September 1893

School renamed the Fifth High School.

April 1896

Natsume Kinnosuke (Soseki) joins the faculty.

October 1937

50th Anniversary celebration.

August 1945

Potsdam Declaration. School closes for three days.

March 1948

Final acceptance of new students, including four women.

September 1949

First entrance ceremony as Kumamoto University.

March 1950

Ceremony closing the Fifth High School curriculum.

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